Book It Author Spotlight: A.D.

A D Book Bandit

A.D. is a former elementary teacher born and raised in Chicago. Although she wrote short stories much of her childhood, she did not unlock and cultivate her passion as a writer until she became a writing teacher for middle school students. The more she had to create sample writings for her students, the more she realized her passion and ability to tell stories in the written form. She decided to hone her craft as a writer by completing her Masters of Creative Writing via National University. She now pursues writing books most of her time, in addition to being a flight attendant and substitute teacher.

Book Euphoria Q1: What is your writing process? Do you have a routine or must be in a zone before you write?

A.D. A1: My writing process has several layers to it. I get an idea for a book via a lengthy summary/synopsis for it, but I can never get started on it then because I always have so many other books I feel should be written first. When I do finally get to a book idea summary, I can generally go line by line to create an outline from it. My outlines are just pretty much what will and needs to occur in each chapter in order to fill the plot, mature the characters, and convey the theme of the book. I also add more details at this point. I didn’t do in-depth character profiles for my first five books, but now I do. So I complete the character profiles as needed up to the point and then I start writing. I challenge myself to write a chapter a day when my life permits, if not, then I generally complete a chapter every three days. I always have my ending in mind when I start writing as well. I don’t have to be in a zone to write. My life affords me countless opportunities to stay in a writing zone.  I know writing is a habit so I try to do some type of writing daily. I’m never without anything to say.

Book Euphoria Q2: What’s one word that describes the feeling you have when you write? Why that word?

A.D. A2: Fulfilled. I feel like I’m doing one of the main things I was born to do when I write. Writing satisfies me in a way much else doesn’t.

Book Euphoria Q3: Do you have a favorite kind of story or hook you like to write? 

A.D. A3: Lately, I love to read romance novels. However, with the first few books I published, the characters didn’t experience their happily ever afters in their particular books. It wasn’t until later on in their series that things worked out for the best for them. I guess my favorite kind of story I like to write is one where the character’s joyous end doesn’t get summed up by chapter twenty-three, but rather the understanding that things happen in seasons and the season I may present in the book may not have been the best season for the character(s).

Book Euphoria Q4: What’s your favorite book that you’ve written so far?

A.D. A4: This is a tough question because I always say it’s the one I’m currently working on because I see my growth in it as a writer from the last one. But, if I have to choose one, I’ll say “It’s Complicated: Forever Friends 2”.  I just love all of the characters in it and their stories, especially the budding love between Melanie and Aaron.

Book Euphoria Q5: How can readers contact you?
A.D. A5: Readers can contact me via email at, Anita Davis on facebook, or via my website

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