Book It Author Spotlight: Ty Waller

Ty Waller Book Bandit

I’m Ty Waller, a Chicago native and admirer of great love stories and richly written novels. I’ve been a creative writer since the age of 7. As a writer, I always see the words in motion. Wrote my first novel, MY JOURNEY TO LIFE, in 2005 but took me 9 years to publish it. My second novel, THE UNCERTAIN JOURNEY OF LOVE & MARRIAGE, was released in 2015. I have a vision to see all of my novels adapted into screenplays.

Book Euphoria Q1:  What is your writing process? Do you have a routine or must be in a zone before you write?

Ty Waller A1: I don’t particularly have a writing process. My ideas for my novels or pieces I write in my magazine come from thoughts that I have on a topic and I want to talk about it. I write as I go and see what comes out of it.

Book Euphoria Q2: What’s one word that describes the feeling you have when you write? Why that word?

Ty Waller A2: Warm – LOL the reason for this word is because I enjoy being able to tell a story. I think about the potential reader and that one reader that is going to resonate with the story line and gain something out of it. I know my words won’t be beautiful to everyone, but as long as they’re beautiful to at least one reader, I’m happy about it.

Book Euphoria Q3: Do you have a favorite kind of story or hook you like to write? 

Ty Waller A3: I don’t necessarily feel that I have a particular hook I like to write. Most of the time I’m writing and let the characters take me where they want to go.

Book Euphoria Q4: What’s your favorite book that you’ve written so far?

Ty Waller A4: There’s no way I can choose between my babies.

Book Euphoria Q5: How can readers contact you?

Ty Waller A5: They can contact me on social media or email me at

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