Book It Author Spotlight: Sherelle Green


Sherelle Green is a Chicago native with a dynamic imagination and a passion for reading and writing. She enjoys composing emotionally driven stories that are steamy, edgy, and touch on real life issues. Her overall goal is to create relatable and fierce heroines who have true to life imperfections just like the strong and sexy heroes who fight so hard to win their hearts. There is no such thing as a perfect person… but when you find that person who is perfect for you, the possibilities are endless. Nothing satisfies her more than writing stories filled with compelling love affairs, multifaceted characters, and intriguing relationships.

Book Euphoria Q1: What is your writing process? Do you have a routine or must be in a zone before you write?

Sherelle Green A1: My process typically starts off with a concise idea of what my book or series will be about and the overall message I want to send to readers. Often times, I’m inspired by my surroundings, so I’m constantly jotting down notes or doing voice memos. Afterward, I create an outline of that idea or plot, followed by a detailed character sheet.

Since I’m usually on deadline, I prioritize which idea I need to tackle at that particular time, however, if I get inspired by an idea I plated, I’ll pick it up to streamline the plot. I’m also a fan of visual charts and timelines for my connecting stories or series. Once I get started on a book, I’m a coffee and music kind of girl. My Keurig stays in constant use and I break out my many playlists that target different moods. Setting is everything. If I’m working on a holiday story, I’ll break out holiday movies or go to a holiday festival if it’s around that time of year. My travels also inspire my writing, so my process may alter if I’m writing in a different location.

Book Euphoria Q2: What’s one word that describes the feeling you have when you write? Why that word?

Sherelle Green A2: Observant. It’s not the prettiest word. Not the most powerful word. Not even a creative word when it first rolls off your tongue. However, it represents exactly how I feel when I write. I’ve always been an observant person and penning novels has only made my keen eye more aware. Every person I meet or situation I experience has the possibility of evolving into a great plot. For me, the beauty in writing is in the feelings that I can evoke in a reader when they read my stories. To do that, I must always be aware, attentive, and willing to step outside the box to view life through a different set of eyes.

However, true to my characters, I have my imperfections as well. In the midst of being observant and allowing that to drive my creative world, I’m still trying to learn how to put the pen down, turn off the video memo, and live in the moment. When the world around you is so inspiring, it can be just as important to stop and remind yourself to enjoy it.

Book Euphoria Q3: Do you have a favorite kind of story or hook you like to write?

Sherelle Green A3: Lately, my favorite kind of character type is the eccentric, quirky heroine and the bad boy hero! Those characters are fun to write about because they bring passion and comedy all wrapped together. I’m also a fan of big secrets whether they be family secrets, past relationship secrets, or secrets that only pertain to a particular character.

I love writing about strong, independent women who are as successful and strong as they are flawed. No one is perfect, so it’s a character’s imperfections that I usually enjoy writing about. Sometimes, what meets the eye is not always rightly understood and you may judge someone based off your own prejudices only to realize that everything isn’t always what it seems. This also proves to be true with the heroes I write. Whether they be the do-gooder, wounded, damaged, or the ultimate playboy, I love writing about a strong-willed hero being brought to his knees by the love of a fierce heroine.

Book Euphoria Q4: What’s your favorite book that you’ve written so far?

Sherelle Green A4: Although I’m proud of all the books I’ve written, Falling for Autumn (Bare Sophistication Series), is probably my favorite. When I was developing the concept of Falling for Autumn, I really wanted to create characters who were flawed and still overcoming circumstances from their pasts. Because of this, Autumn and Ajay’s connection is intense and all-consuming as they began to open up to one another.

Autumn is an realist who lives by stats rather than idealism. She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s different than others. My motto throughout the entire time I was writing this book was EMBRACE YOUR AWKWARD! It only seemed fitting that Autumn meet a rugged, charismatic man like Ajay. They are the ultimate opposites attract duo and prove that even the most different of people can find common ground.

Sometimes, the best way to overcome adversity is to confide in the one person who may understand you more than anyone else. It may not be that you’re hard to read. Instead, the issue could be that no one ever took the time to read between the lines.

Book Euphoria Q5: How can readers contact you?

Sherelle Green A5: 

I love hearing from literary enthusiasts! Feel free to connect with me via any of the following methods:

Twitter/Instagram: @sherellegreen

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