Book It Author Spotlight: Victoria Saunders Townsend


Victoria Stephanie Saunders Townsend was born and raised here in Detroit. She is a woman of God. She has been married for 29 years and has two children and one grandchild. She loves to read everything. Because of her love for reading, she and a neighbor started a book club in 2003, named “Just Us Girls” and now she is a published author of her first Romance/Drama “A Pleasure Doing Business”. This is the first novel out of five.


Book Euphoria Q1: What is your writing process? Do you have a routine or must be in a zone before you write?

Victoria Townsend A1: I just start writing. I’ll do a chapter then go back and review it. I don’t have a routine but I do have to be in a zone.


BookEuphoria Q2: What’s one word that describes the feeling you have when you write? Why that word?

Victoria Townsend A2: Great!. I feel that I’ve done something.


Book Euphoria Q3: Do you have a favorite kind of story or hook you like to write?

Victoria Townsend A3: Romance, drama. It depends on my mood.

Book Euphoria Q4: What’s your favorite book that you’ve written so far?

Victoria Townsend A4: My first book “A Pleasure Doing Business”

Book Euphoria Q5: How can readers contact you?

Victoria Townsend A5: Readers can reach me at or email me at

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