Book It Author Spotlight: Aja The Writer


Aja is the writer of sensually erotic women’s fiction. Her stories allow readers to experience realistic, inspiring and soulful interactions between her characters and intense passion between couples overcoming life’s challenges. With two published series of books already, including the Unexpected series penned with Roy Glenn and Love Stages with Angelia Vernon Menchan, she is currently working on Love’s Required.


Book Euphoria Q1: What is your writing process? Do you have a routine or must be in a zone before you write?

Aja The Writer A1: My writing process begins before I sit down to write. I spend my early morning as I get ready for my day, thinking about my characters in my next scene. I want to see them move around and hear them speak before I sit down to write. I’ve already reviewed the next chapter I’m writing so once I sit down, I know what and how I’m going to write it. I usually play music as I write.

Book Euphoria Q2: What’s one word that describes the feeling you have when you write? Why that word?

Aja The Writer A2: Excited. These people or this story is something I really want others to know about. I’m excited to share it and I know I can’t do that until I finish writing it.

Book Euphoria Q3: Do you have a favorite kind of story or hook you like to write? Ex: friends to lovers

Aja The Writer A3: Nah. I write what comes to me, how it comes. So maybe you can say, I enjoy complex or complicated situations. Those seem to be the ones we all end up in at some point.

Book Euphoria Q4: What’s your favorite book that you’ve written so far?

Aja The Writer A4: This question is so unfair! Hmmmm. It’s a toss-up between I Am Yours and Be With Me.

Book Euphoria Q5: How can readers contact you?

Aja The Writer A5: Readers can connect with Aja The Writer on facebook, or reach out on my website-

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