Wanted: Book It Book Bandits


In spring 2017, Book It is back with an exciting new twist! If you love a good mystery and are great at using clues to solve puzzles, we invite you to join us on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at the Fulton Street Collective in Chicago, IL!

Your Mission:
Solve the book bandit mystery in order to win a prize!

Details of the Mission:
Shhhhh! In January 2017, we will be releasing more details of the super secret mystery, so stay tuned!

Participating Book Bandits (more authors to be added):

Elle Wright
Nigeria Lockley
Sherelle Green
Angela Seals
Ty Waller
Crystal Alexis
Phoenix Williams
Samaiyah Muhammad Wright
Victoria Saunders Townsend
Jay Hart

Why You Should Attend:
If you love books or you’re just great at solving mysteries, this is the event for you! We’re excited for previous Book It attendees to check out the works of our special guest authors. Also, our returning authors who will have new releases to garner your interest. Feel free to ask about our latest projects and what’s yet to come! You’re more than welcome to share this event with others!

Enter the raffle for a chance to win more prizes! And of course, immerse yourself in all things books!

Who Should Attend:
Readers, book clubs, book lovers, writers, authors, aspiring writers, and those who LOVE a good mystery, we look forward to seeing you that day!

~The Authors of Book Euphoria~
Book It Facebook Page

We created the Book It event series because we saw a need for more literary events in the Chicagoland area and wanted a place where authors and readers could gather at least twice a year to share their love for books and catch up on all things literary! For authors who may not be able to attend one of our Book It events, but are interested in having your books included in a Book It giveaway or promo included on our promo table, please email us at bookeuphoriabookit@gmail.com.

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